Tosoma Thanatous


Name: Tosoma Thanatous
Race: Human
Height/Weight: 6’, 205 lbs
Class/Level: Monk 1
Experience: 300
Alignment: LN
Size: Medium
Speed: 30
Stats: Str 13, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 18, Cha 8
Hit Dice: 1d8 +1 (con) + 1(Favored Class); HP= 10
BAB: +0
Armor Class: 17
Initiative: +5
Fort Save: 2
Ref Save: 2
Will Save: 2
CMB/Offense: 3(base attack bonus: 0 + Dex mod: 3 + special size mod: 0)
CMD/Defense: 17 (10 + bab: 0 + str: 1 + dex: + 3 + wis: 4 + special size mod: 0)

Skills: lvl Bonus Total
Acrobatics : 1 3 CC ( 3de x) 7
Escape Artist: 1 3 CC ( 3 dex) 7
Intimidate: 1 3CC (-1 Cha) 3
Sense Motive : 1 +3CC (
4 Wis) 8
Survival 1 (+4 Wis) 5

Unarmed strike 1d6 + str(1)
Languages: Common
Flurry o f Blows
Stunning Fist
Unarmed strike
Combat Reflexes (class bonus)
Agile Maneuvers (bonus as human)
Trait: Bullied- +1 to attacks of opportunity with unarmed strikes
Trait: Reactionary- +2 to initiative

50 feet hemp rope
7 days rations
3 waterskins
Bedroll 5lbs
Flint and steel
Belt Pouch
Hourglass with 5 mins of sand. 1lb
Total cost –
Total weight –


Tosoma Thanatous

“Tosoma Thanatous” they chanted… over and over again as a dark figure stood victorious once again over his foe. It means “Body of death”(actually Greek) in the old tongue. The nick name signifies his tattoos of skulls and barbed vines that criss-cross his body. These fights aren’t fights of necessity, nor is he defending anyone. No these are fights to cover room and board. His foe never really had a chance, since this was a contest of bare fists.

It’s been 2 years since he woke from his nightmare. Tosoma doesn’t know his real name. He woke in some stone ruins with a head wound. His eyes gazed upon a new world with no memory of his past. With no name, all he knows is he is a fighter, a warrior. The bruises on his knuckles told him this much.

Standing over his defeated opponent once again, he almost looks relieved. Not because danger is past him for he has won many of these battles in the last 2 years. No, this last victory wasn’t for the usual room and meal. It was for the name and town where someone may have information to his past. He fought hard for a prize that carries much weight over all others. His relief, his hope, a name… Ilimara Oniri of Kassen.

Tosoma Thanatous

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