Adventure Log 1

The bells atop the Temple of Erastil toll their midday song, echoing throughout the quiet town of Kassen. As the peals begin to fade, the first of the townsfolk make their way into the square, dressed in black, as if attending a funeral. They slowly fill the square, moving quietly across the cold, hard ground, their eyes downcast and mournful. A!er a few moments, a murmur passes through the crowd as it slowly parts to let Mayor Uptal through. He leads the way with a tarnished silver lantern. Behind him, an old pony drags a cart laden with backpacks and supplies.
Once he reaches the center of the crowd, Mayor Uptal stops and calls out to the assembled townsfolk. “Once again the winter winds blow through the Fangwood, marking the end of another harvest. There are wolves in the woods, howling at our walls, and serpents in our shadows, waiting to strike. Just as it was one hundred and seventy-four years ago, when Kassen himself left these walls to protect us, so it is today. Where are the heroes? Where are the brave folk that will venture out to Kassen’s tomb and retrieve the flame to keep this community safe for another winter?”
GM: Your mentors urge you all forward toward the Mayor
The mayor once again speaks to the townsfolk. “I present to you the brave heroes who will follow in Kassen’s footsteps to retrieve the Everflame! Some of them may not return, but I say to you that their sacrifice shall not be forgotten. Go, brave heroes, and do not return until you have the eternal fire.” With that, the mayor points to the south, the direction of Kassen’s tomb. The townsfolk begin waving goodbye with cold, solemn looks on most of their faces.
Heron scowls slightly at having his ear flicked, and moves forward.
Bouger adjusts his gear and looks over to Father Prasst. “I’m goin’ I’m goin;….” He steps forward.
Campaign saved.
Heron Shoulders a pack and waits for the other village youth.
Heron: Thank you, sir.
Mayor Jonark Uptal: Don’t lose this Heron
Simon Jericho silently Moves to the cart and holds a hand out for the pony to smell.
Heron: I will protect it as best my skills and fortune may allow.
Bouger hefts his gear and takes the ponies reigns, muttering, “Alright, no dragging the dwarf through the town square…got it?”
Simon Jericho Nods to his mentors Holgast and Wisslo
GM: The Mayor smiles and waves to the crowd, then fades back. As he does the crowd gives way, clearing a path for you to leave
Jory follows the cart, saying nothing.
Bors hefts his shield and sword, and starts heading towards the exit.
Heron pulls out a map case and looks over the map before putting it away.
Simon Jericho bows to the crowd and picks up the lead of the pony.
Campaign saved.
Heron: Hrm, I hate to be a bit concerned at so early a juncture…there is no bridge visible on the map.
Jory shrugs.
Simon Jericho: We can toss the halflings accross

Heron: Do we have scaling gear?
Bors: Make sure they hold onto a rope, then toss them across.
Jory fingers his sling.
Campaign saved.
Heron: Without it, we may not be able to cross the gorge.
Bouger: I have some rope…as long as the chasm isn’t more then 50 feet it’ll work fine.
Simon Jericho walks using the longspear like a walking staff. Bastard sword peaking from over his shoulder.
Simon Jericho: I have 50 feet as well
Heron: Shows Simon the map.
Heron: This looks like a large gorge.
Bors: This cart is supposed to have everything we need. Surely there would be appropriate scaling gear, no?
Jory constantly looks around, not liking the Mayor’s talk of some not coming back.
Bouger: I prefer big boned to large.
Simon Jericho: Lets cross that gorge when we get to it.
GM: Not far from the village, the trees hover above you, tall and proud
Heron: I am unaccustomed to assuming. Critical thinking and precise preparation are keys to success.
Heron: Perhaps this other trail may lead to a bridge, should we find the way unpassable.
Heron: Heads into the forest, putting map away.
The narrow path winds through the raking claws of the trees, now bere! of their leaves, which crunch loudly underfoot. Up ahead, a fallen tree trunk blocks the path. Suddenly a trio of snarling humanoids leaps up from behind the log, all greenish skin and fearsome tusks, bellowing vulgar challenges.
Campaign saved.
[w] Heron: what did they say
Jory now understands that the Mayor left out some key information.
Simon Jericho: That was quick.
Heron: They are challenging us with the intent of testing our combat mettle.
Bors: My mettle is better than their mettle.
Jory draws his rapier.
Bouger harumphs, “WHAT did they call us?!”
Simon Jericho: How wonderful.
Heron: Cowards, Cream-filled potato puffs, and worthless piles of … well you get the idea
Simon Jericho: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20-1 = 15]
Heron: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 14]
Bouger: Big words for an orc….
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 15]
Heron: Well, I am doing what I can to make it understandable.
Jory: [INIT] [1d20+5 = 20]
Bouger: [INIT] [1d20+3 = 15]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 3]
Simon Jericho: [INIT] [1d20+5 = 10]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 15]
Bors: [INIT] [1d20+6 = 7]
Heron: [INIT] [1d20+3 = 4]
Campaign saved.
[TURN] Jory
Jory shuffles off into the undergrowth behind Jericho, attempting to get out of sight of the orcs so that he can sneak up on them.
Jory: [SKILL] Stealth [MOD:DEX] [1d20+13 = 32]
Jory: Done
[TURN] Bouger
Bouger: [ATTACK®] Fire Bolt (sp) (1) [1d202 = 18]
Attack 18 → [at Orc 2] [HIT]
Campaign saved.
Bouger: [DAMAGE®] Fire Bolt (sp) [TYPE: fire] [1d6 = 3]
Damage 3 → [to Orc 2] [MODERATE DAMAGE]
Bouger steps forward and points, “Out of our way, green slime.”
[w] → Bouger: make a will save, dc16
[GM] [TURN] Orc
Bouger: [SAVE] Will [1d20+6 = 24]
[w] → Bouger: you can tell, the orc you hit at least, is an illusion
[w] Bouger: Can I say that this turn or should I wait?
[w] → Bouger: you can say something if you wish
Bouger Bouger steps forward and points, “Out of our way, green slime.” As soon as the bolt hits he frowns, “This ain’t right! They ain’t real!”
GM: The orc grumbles and attack Bouger
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 2]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 20]
[GM] [TURN] Orc 2
[w] → Bouger: you feel as if the orcs weapon should have cleaved you into but it passed right thru you
[TURN] Simon Jericho
Simon Jericho: BORS! Gaurd High!
Campaign saved.
Simon Jericho: [ATTACK (M)] Longspear [1d20+3 = 6]
[w] → Simon Jericho: make a will save dc16
[TURN] Bors
Simon Jericho: [SAVE] Will [1d20+1 = 7]
Bors attacks the orc in front of him with his sword first, and shield after, if it’s still standing.
Bors: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [CRIT 19] [1d20+6 = 16]
Bors: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [1d8+5 = 13]
Bors: [ATTACK (M)] Spiked Shield [1d20+6 = 18]
Bors: [DAMAGE (M)] Spiked Shield [1d4+5 = 7]
[w] → Bors: make a will save dc16
Bors: [SAVE] Will [1d20+2 = 3]
[w] Heron: Are bodies bleeding and falling to ground as if real?
Bors growls at the orcs.
[w] → Heron: make a will save dc16
[TURN] Heron
Campaign saved.
[w] Heron: I ask because Bors said, “They ain’t real.”
Heron: [SAVE] Will [1d20+3 = 7]
[w] → Heron: yes, i know, you have to make the will save 4
[w] → Heron: yes, you see 2 boies bleeding
[w] Heron: 11 total then
[w] Heron: thank you, I am casting detect Magic
Heron: Says a few ancient elven words while gesturing with one hand and pointing with the other in front of him.
[w] → Heron: you detect magic and you spy something in a nearby tree
Heron: Bors is correct, there is illusionary magic afoot. There is a real enemy in trees ahead and to the right!
Heron: The orcs aren’t REAL.
Andugus (Heron): done
Heron: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] (
4) [1d20+8 = 23]
Simon Jericho: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] (4) [1d203 = 6]
[w] → Heron: You definately smell pipe smoke, that which your mentor Holgast smokes
[GM] [TURN] Orc 1
[w] Heron: thank you
[TURN] Jory
Heron: Master Holgast!
Jory continues creeping forward, adjusting his path based on the words of Heron.
Simon Jericho: Where?
Heron: Well.
Heron: Walks to where he smelled the smoke.
Bors: I hate when the orcs I kill aren’t actually orcs.
Campaign saved.
Heron: Simon, come, smell this smoke. What do you think?
[w] → Simon Jericho: You definately smell pipe smoke, that which you know Holgast smokes
Heron: I saw an invisible force flying up and away. Coupled with the smell of this smoke, I’d say Holgast is having fun with us…
Simon Jericho: He definitely was here
Simon Jericho: A graduation test?
Jory walks out to the trail.
Bors: Huh.
Heron: Illusionary orcs, flying away invisibly, smoking to make sure we knew it was him…
Heron: Yes, a test seems natural.
Bouger looks about and clutches his warhammer. “This is somewhat disappointing and quite annoying at the same time.”
Simon Jericho: It seems our master of the arcane has played us gentlemen.

Jory sheaths his rapier.
Simon Jericho: Wonder if we passed.
Simon Jericho: Bouger, Are you hurt?
Bouger: No….just disappointed I wasted a perfectly good fire bolt on an illusion.
Campaign saved.
Simon Jericho: Glad we didnt blow the wad.
Simon Jericho: Let’s keep going, maybe our other masters are going to have fun at our sake as well.
Jory claps Bouger on the shoulder and nods.
GM: The forest silences once again to the sound of your footprints, the clip clop of the ponies hooves, birds and aminals around you
Heron: Bors, you said they weren’t real.
GM: The wind slides across the leaves and branches above you
Heron: Based on your observation I checked into it. Why would you burn resources?
Bill (Bors): brb guys, ill keep going along with the group
Heron: Do you all remember seeing your mentors?
Heron: At the ceremony?
Simon Jericho: yes.
[w] Heron: was Holgast at the ceremony?
[w] → Heron: You know you saw him
Jory nods.
Bouger marches along in a bit of a huff, clearly disappointed in the lack of orc killing, “Of course I saw him.”
Campaign saved.
Heron: I recommend we start thinking in terms of what our Mentors might do.
Heron: It seems this is a test, perhaps one with dangerous consequences. Taking the gloves off so to speak.
Jory checks his coin purse, thinking Jimes might try to take something.
[w] → Jory: its still there
Bill (Bors): back
Bouger: If Father Prasst encountered an orc, Im not sure if he’d try to talk to it, or decapitate it. Strange man he can be.
[w] Heron: where do I think we might be on map?

Bors: [SKILL] Survival [MOD:WIS] [1d20+6 = 9]
Heron: The forest has invigorated my spirits, I am willing to watch over us until a few hours before dawn.
Bors: [SKILL] Survival [MOD:WIS] [1d20+6 = 23]
Bors: [SKILL] Survival [MOD:WIS] [1d20+6 = 22]
Campaign saved.
Bors: We probably should stop here guys.
Heron: The forest has invigorated my spirits, I am willing to watch over us until a few hours before dawn.
Bors: It’s getting too dark to safely keep going.
Bors: [SKILL] Survival [MOD:WIS] [1d20+6 = 17]
Bouger: I’m going to assume there’s not a convient Inn out here for us, is there.
[w] → Bors: You find a pretty level spot to suit your party. its level and looks softer with not alot of roots and rocks
[w] Heron: once camp is made, I will select a good tree to climb up 15’ or so to watch over area.
Bors: No inns out here, sorry. There is a decent spot right over here though.
[w] → Bors: you see quie a bit of dried, dead wood about as well, wouldnt take much to get a fire goign with it
Bors: Let’s get the cart and horse to the side and start a fire.
Whisper recipient not found
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Usage: /w [recipient] [message]
[w] → Heron: ok
Jory gatnhers some wood.
Simon Jericho: if you want a roof over your head, the cart would work, if you miss a woman though, I am afraid the pony will have to do.
Bors: …
Bouger: I wouldn’t recommend it, she’ll just nag nag nag you.
[w] Heron: I have a 3 skill based on strong chr
Simon Jericho: [SKILL] Ride [MOD:DEX] (-2) [1d20+5 = 14]
Campaign saved.
Heron: [SKILL] Handle Animal [MOD:CHA] [1d20+3 = 20]
[w] → Heron: you know that keeping the pony hitched like he is is not good for the horse. Also, you know that if it gets spooked, all your gear is history
Jory assembles the wood and pulls out his flint and steel. He tries to start a fire.
GM: The Dry wood goes up instantly
[w] Heron: without explaning my every action, I will get the pony some fodder, water, and hobble to young tree, nearby
Simon Jericho: Thank you Jory.
Bors: If Heron is going to stand first watch, I’m going to just slump over here and sleep…
Jory nods.
Simon Jericho: Wake me up when it is my turn.
Bors adjusts his gear, and dozes off quickly.
Bouger unrolls his bedroll, pulls a blanket over him, and is out like a light, with the costumary dwarven snoring.
Simon Jericho takes off his weapons and rolls out his bedroll and blanket. climbs in and goes fast to sleep.
Campaign saved.
Jory stays up for a while, watching the fire. Then he settles down to sleep.
Bouger retroactivly takes off his armor, but keeps the shield nearby.
User ‘Jon’ has gone AFK.
[w] → Jory: You hear Howling in teh distance just before you doze off
[w] → Heron: you hear howling in the distance
Simon Jericho: zzz…zzz…
User ‘Jon’ is back.
Jory: 58 [1d2058 = 71]
[w] Heron: how far
[w] → Heron: survival check
Heron: [SKILL] Survival [MOD:WIS] [1d20+1 = 19]
[w] → Heron: judging by how the trees allow sound to travel and the quiet of the night, about 100 yards
[w] Heron: closing in or passing by?
[w] → Heron: you do not know
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 3]
Heron (loudly): Wake and prepare, Wolves are passing near!
Jory leaps to his feet, drawing his blasde.
[w] Heron: I will cast light over the fire to give them a chance at seeing threat
Bouger rumbles, “Tell them to go around…” Nonetheless, he rolls out of his bedroll.
Bors staggers awake, fumbling for his shield.
Campaign saved.
Simon Jericho stirs and grabs his bastard sword on the rise.
[w] Heron: 20’ foot light radius around fire
Simon Jericho: [SKILL] Profession [MOD:WIS] [1d20-1 = 15]
Jory: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+6 = 23]
Bouger: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 10]
Heron: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 11]
Bors: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+3 = 10]
Bors wonders if it took anything.
GM: You see the hind end of a wolf running away at a fast clip
GM: It dissapears amongst the trees
Heron: Climbs down and pulls the pony in closer to the fire.
Bouger looks in the direction of the wolf, “Maybe it’s hunting orcs.”
[w] Heron: howling anymore?
Bors goes over to the cart and checks the supplies.
[w] → Heron: no
[w] Heron: climb tree again, resume watch
Simon Jericho looks around for more wolves.
[w] → Bors: everythign looks good
Heron: Climbs back up tree.
Bors It doesn’t look like anything is missing here.
GM: No more wolves and the night goes to silence once more
Jory watches and waits.
Simon Jericho yawns.
Simon Jericho: Well that was fun… good night again.
Bouger goes back to his bedroll, “Wake me up when a wolf is gnawing on my foot.”
Jory pulls back about 15 feet from the fire and puts his back to a tree.
GM: About a half hour later…
Jory listens and waits.
Campaign saved.
Heron: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 12]
Jory: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+6 = 7]
tim (Simon Jericho): we’re doomed.
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 8]
Jory: [INIT] [1d20+5 = 13]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 8]
Heron: [INIT] [1d20+3 = 10]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 18]
[GM] [TURN] Wolf 3
Campaign saved.
GM: A Wolf darts out of the brush. It Growls hungrily as it bites at Simon
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Bite [1d20+2 = 14]
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Bite [1d20+2 = 21]
GM: [GM] [DAMAGE (M)] Bite [TYPE: piercing] [1d6+1 = 7]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 10]
[TURN] Jory
[w] → Jory: you see the wolf but you also see two others
[w] Jory: Where are the others?
[w] → Jory: one appears to be headed toward you and the other toward someone else near the fire as best you could tell, they are on a dead run
[w] → Jory: there, i made them visable for you
Jory begins climbing the tree real fast, shouting, “Wolve’s.”
Jory: [SKILL] Climb [MOD:STR] (-5) [1d20+1 = 18]
Campaign saved.
[w] → Heron: did you tether the pony at all?
[w] Heron: yes, if you scroll back, I fed, watered, and hobbled it to young tree
[w] Heron: figured base of tree I am watching from now
GM: The Pony balks, whinnies terrified and kicks, unable to free itself
[TURN] Heron
[w] Heron: sleep spell where I have that circle
GM: [GM] [SAVE] Will [1d20+1 = 6]
[w] Heron: will negates
[w] → Heron: it falls onto its stomach and stops moving…10 rounds yes?
[w] Heron: works on up to 4hd
[w] Heron: yes
[w] → Heron: okies dokey
Heron: done
[GM] [TURN] Wolf 1
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Bite [1d20+2 = 15]
Campaign saved.
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Bite [1d20+2 = 20]
[w] → Bors: you notice that these wolves look emaciated and starving
[GM] [TURN] Wolf 2
[TURN] Bors
[TURN] Simon Jericho
[TURN] Bouger
[GM] [TURN] Wolf 3
Simon Jericho: [INIT] [1d20+5 = 11]
Bouger: [INIT] [1d20+3 = 22]
Jory: [INIT] [1d20+5 = 21]
Bors: [INIT] [1d20+6 = 13]
[TURN] Bouger
[w] Heron: do you need new initiative from me?
Bouger: [ATTACK (M)] Warhammer [1d20+3 = 10]
Bouger rolls and swings his warhammer, and whiffs, “Wolves!”
Jon (Bouger): Done
Heron: [INIT] [1d20+3 = 14]
[TURN] Jory
Campaign saved.
Jory finds a good spot and draws his sling.
[GM] [TURN] Wolf 3
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Bite [1d20+2 = 11]
[w] Heron: do I feel as if the fire light will be enough for those near it to fight effectively?
Whisper recipient not found
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Usage: /w [recipient] [message]
[w] → Heron: no it is very dim
[TURN] Heron
[w] Heron: light spell, 20’ radius around fire
GM: Suddenly, a bloom of bright light spills forward from the fire
[TURN] Bors
Bors runs to the wolf attacking Simon and slashes at it with his sword.
Bors: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [CRIT 19] [1d20+6 = 19]
Bors: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [1d8+5 = 6]
GM: [GM] [1d8 = 1]
Campaign saved.
[TURN] Simon Jericho
Simon Jericho: [ATTACK (M)] Sword, bastard [CRIT 19] (-3) [1d20+1 = 19]
Simon Jericho: [DAMAGE (M)] Sword, bastard [MULT:1.5] (1) [TYPE: slashing] [1d105 = 10]
[GM] [TURN] Wolf 1
[GM] [TURN] Wolf 2
[TURN] Bouger
Bouger: [ATTACK (M)] Warhammer [1d20+3 = 11]
[TURN] Jory
Bouger swings and shouts out, “Hey…little help over here? This one’s trying to take me out for dinner.”
Jory whirls his sling in a tight arc then flings a stone at the wolf below.
Jory: [ATTACK®] Sling [1d20+6 = 12]
Campaign saved.
[TURN] Heron
Jory grunts in frustration, then leaps down onto the wolf’s back.
Jory: [SKILL] Appraise [MOD:INT] [1d20+7 = 8]
Jory: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] [1d20+11 = 30]
Jory cries, “Hah!”
Jory says, “Hey Bouger.”
[w] Heron: touch of fatigue on the now ridden wolf. Fortitude negates
GM: [GM] [SAVE] Fortitude [1d20+5 = 14]
[w] → Heron: 14?
[w] Heron: fail
Whisper recipient not found
Usage: /w GM [message]
Usage: /w [recipient] [message]
[w] Heron: my cantrips are 15
[w] → Heron: ok, what does it do?
[w] Heron: fatigue target for 1 round
[w] → Heron: ok
[TURN] Bors
Heron: done
Campaign saved.
Bors makes his way closer to the wolf behind him.
[TURN] Simon Jericho
Simon Jericho: [ATTACK (M)] Sword, bastard [CRIT 19] (-1) [1d20+3 = 15]
Simon Jericho: [DAMAGE (M)] Sword, bastard [MULT:1.5] (1) [TYPE: slashing] [1d105 = 15]
[w] Heron: because of the lowered dex?
[GM] [TURN] Wolf 2
[TURN] Bouger
[w] Heron: come on, give it up for the wizzy
Simon Jericho nods to bouger
Bouger: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 13]
Bouger: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 17]
Jon (Bouger): Done
[TURN] Jory
Jory rolls off the wolf and looks up at Simon. Then he listens for more wolves.
Campaign saved.
[w] → Jory: you do not hear any
[TURN] Heron
[w] Heron: hold action, while listening and watching for more enemies
Heron: done
[TURN] Bors
Bors closes on the wolf and attempts to dispatch it.
Jory: [ATTACK®] Sling [1d20+6 = 18]
Bors: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [TYPE: slashing] [1d8+5 = 8]
Bors: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [TYPE: slashing] [1d8+5 = 12]

Adventure Log 1

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