Adventure Log 2

GM: As the sun begins to creep up above you a man and a Gnome spring into the camp. Just as they stop short of you they double over panting loudly and both of them are covered in sweat. You remember seeing tthem before. In passing or whem moving about Kassen though it had not occurred to you to speak to them directly. Now however, here they are among you and it appears that they have been runniing for a very long time.
Campaign saved.

Bouger rolls over in his bedroll and looks at the newcomers, “Okay, they’re not wolves.” He rolls back to sleep.
Simon Jericho: Guard left, I will guard right.
tim (Simon Jericho): oops
Simon Jericho sits down and rests his bared bastard sword accross his lap. Resting the palms of his hands on the flat of the blade he begins a ritual mantra that takes about thirty minutes.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: Good Evening, Sirs
Heron: I’ll assume for the moment you’re not both here to skewer us?
Gwydiss Barknuckle: A good assumption, though another answer would not be forthcomming from me.
Heron: More like morning from what I can tell. It’s been a long night. Have you been sent by the Mayor?
Tosoma Thanatous: Hello all
Gwydiss Barknuckle: Do you have a sip of water. I am a bit parched
Tosoma Thanatous: We were sent aid you guys in the ceremony
Heron: By whom?
Tosoma Thanatous: forgot
Tosoma Thanatous: lol
Bouger sits upright and yawns, “Well, it’s obvious some of us won’t be getting sleep.” He starts cleaning up his sleeping site.
Heron eyes widen, more than a little.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: I thought you would wait for me. I wasn’t that late.
Heron: I’ve seen you about town before, who is your mentor?
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): I forgot who sent us
Bors: We were pushed along rather abruptly.
[w] → Tosoma Thanatous: you know the Mayor has sent you
Tosoma Thanatous: The MAyor sent us
[w] → Gwydiss Barknuckle: you do know the mayor has sent you
[w] Heron: do they have waterskins, packs, gear?
Campaign saved.
Tosoma Thanatous: My metor is Ilimara
[w] → Heron: they were packed lightly in order to catch up however, there is an abundance of food and gear in teh wagon
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): plz excuse my typos
Gwydiss Barknuckle: I learn from many. There are so many wise people in the village and I have many interests
Heron: Well, then travel with us. You’ll find some food and water in the wagon .
Heron points to wagon.
Tosoma Thanatous: ty for your generosity
Gwydiss Barknuckle: Thank you, Sirs
Heron: Gentlemen, this interruption means I’d need another undisturbed eight hours of rest to study.
Heron: I’d rather not waste the time, and I suspect this is a tactic used by the Mayor and Council to keep us off balanced.
Bouger looks at the wagon, “Can you study in the wagon while we’re traveling?”
Heron: Alas, no.
Heron: Even talking breaks my study.
Heron: The concentration required to memorize spells is…tremendous.
Heron: So, while I’d like to say “Well met,” I’d be lying.
Simon Jericho continues mumbling his mantra.
Heron sets about rehitching the pony to wagon.
[w] Heron: rehitch pony to wagon
Gwydiss Barknuckle: [DAMAGE (M)] Whip 1
Tosoma Thanatous: Can you simply meditate?
Campaign saved.
Gwydess (Gwydiss Barknuckle): Does anyone know how to enter a d2 in weapons?
Bors: D4-2?
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): I would assume its a coin toss
Bouger: I think you can do /die d2
Jon (Bouger): I think you can do /die d2
Gwydess (Gwydiss Barknuckle): It will only let me drag dice
Bors: [1d6 = 1]
Campaign saved.

Simon Jericho stands and sheathes his sword ofter 30 minutes.
Bors: Well then, we should continue on.
Heron: Our pony is hitched to wagon. Shall we proceed gentlemen?
Tosoma Thanatous: agreed
Bouger packs up his gear, “No sense waiting around for the rest of that wolf pack.”
Simon Jericho: Ah, that’s better. Welcome Gwydiss and Tosoma.
Tosoma Thanatous: Ty friends
Simon Jericho will lead the pony and cart again.
Heron: Climbs in the back of the wagon to watch the rear.
Heron: Climbs in the back of the wagon to watch the rear.
Tosoma Thanatous climbs onto the wago as well
Bors walks along the left side of the cart.
GM: The forest continues on, you all know it as The Fangwood
Bouger marches along next to the cart, occasionally running to catch up to the others.
Simon Jericho looks to the pony and mutters, " I wanted a horse. I got you instead."
Tosoma Thanatous looks confused at th eman tlkaing to a pony
GM: After an uneventful morning of walking…
GM: The trees begin to thin, revealing a field of short, green grass that leads to the shores of a wide, calm lake reflecting the overcast sky above. A dense fog hangs over the center of the lake, obscuring the far side. Near the shore of the lake, a dark form lies next to the water.
Tosoma Thanatous: I wonder if that person is alright?
Campaign saved.
Bors: Probably not.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: Shall we check?
[w] Heron: stand and cast detect magic, observe the body, lake, fog area over a few rounds.
Simon Jericho: [SKILL] knowledge planes [MOD:INT] [1d20+9 = 13]
Bouger peers around the others to the form, “Probably not…and probably should.”
Tosoma Thanatous: [SKILL] Sense Motive [MOD:WIS] [1d20+8 = 28]
[w] → Heron: you do not sense magic
Bors: I’ll go look at the body.
Simon Jericho grips his longspear awaiting an attack.
Tosoma Thanatous: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 12]
Bors: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+3 = 16]
Bouger steps forward as well, resident healer and all.
Heron: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 15]
Bouger: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 6]
Bouger: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 22]
Gwydiss Barknuckle: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+2 = 8]
GM: The elf removes a short sword, it is obvioius by its quality it is masterwork
GM: Bouger uncovers an odd looking mask, close to the mans hand
Bouger points towards the mans hand, “That’s an odd looking mask.”
GM: ALso, everyone notices a coin purse as well
[w] Heron: continue my gaze out over the lake with Detect Magic, in particular the fog.
Tosoma Thanatous steps back in concern
Campaign saved.
[w] → Heron: nothing new
Tosoma Thanatous: I wonder why a man would lie dead and still have his coin purse
Gwydiss Barknuckle: How did he die?
Heron: And a short sword in his sheathe.
Bors: Maybe his heart exploded out of his chest spontaneously.
Heron: [SKILL] Knowledge (History) [MOD:INT] (-2) [1d20+7 = 21]
Gwydiss Barknuckle: Magic
Bors: -2 [1d20-2 = 10]
Bouger: [SKILL] Knowledge [MOD:INT] [1d20+1 = 15]
Simon Jericho: 3 [1d203 = 17]
Tosoma Thanatous: 1 [1d201 = 20]
Bouger: [SKILL] Heal [MOD:WIS] [1d20+8 = 13]
[w] → Bouger: he has been dead for several months
Heron: Maybe put the body in the wagon. I don’t mind walking.
Bors pulls out the short sword and examines it closer.
[w] Bouger: How’s the corpse look? In good condition…or does he look like he’s been dead for a while?
Simon Jericho imagines what would happen if all coin purses run away from people when they die, or rather if that is only the case in Tosoma’s mind.
Jory: There appears to be tracks leading east
Jory: They are old, but they are there
Jory: ALong the shore
Heron: How long has he been, ah, dead?
Bouger looks over the body, “Months.”
[w] → Bouger: he looks as if he was dead for months
Tosoma Thanatous: ew
Bors: Remarkably not rotting for months.
Simon Jericho: I cant imagine that a dead man oozing into our food stuffs near the outset of our quest will benefit our health in many ways.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: Dead but not rotting?
Tosoma Thanatous: Possibly dumped here then?
Heron: So, dead for months, old tracks, weapon, and coins untouched. Mask in hand.
Bill (Bors): what weapons does everyone use?
Heron: I’d say he was either ambushed or betrayed.
Bouger: There is another possiblity.
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): my fists
Campaign saved.
Bouger points to the water. “Or its not as cool and refreshing as we’d like it to be.”
Bill (Bors): im just wondering if anyone gets more use out of a short sword than me, im using a longsword, but the 1 would be nice at this point
Jon (Bouger): I use a Warhammer or a Scimitar, or my razor sharp wit.
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 20]
Simon Jericho: I use my bastard sword and am not proficient with martial weapons.
Bors: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20
3 = 9]
Simon Jericho: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20-1 = 14]
Bouger: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 19]
Heron: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 24]
Tosoma Thanatous: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 17]
Gwydiss Barknuckle: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+2 = 17]
Tosoma Thanatous: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 21]
[w] → Heron: you see Jory use incredible sleight of hand skills and he removes the pouch of coins..
[w] → Heron: i rolled a natural 20
[w] → Heron: you saw it just out of the corner of your eye
[w] Heron: thank you, I’ll say nothing at this point
Tosoma Thanatous: Have we determiend the cause of death?
Heron: pulls some canvas from the wagon. Begins to wrap body.
Bouger: Lack of life.
Bors takes the sheathe and sword, and straps it onto his belt.
Simon Jericho: I still do not like the idea of it dripping on our food…
Bors: Did anyone collect the mask or coins?
Tosoma Thanatous helps Heron move th ebody
Gwydiss Barknuckle: Why Sir are we keeping the body?
Simon Jericho: he gets lonely at night
Heron: Perhaps the elders would afford this man a proper burial?
Campaign saved.
Gwydiss Barknuckle swallows bile
Bouger: I Agree, we can just bury him here. Give him last rites.
Heron: It seems to be the custom of your people.
Simon Jericho: kick some dirt over him.
Bors looks around, collects the mask and coin pouch, and adds them to his backpack.
Heron: Ah, but, that would take time.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: Gnomes do not cart around their dead. That is a common misperception
Bors: Let me know if anyone needs some of these coins.
Heron: Time we are not afforded. We must light the lamp.
Tosoma Thanatous: If we aren’t to keep this corpse I suggest we leave soon, so we dont incur suspician
[w] Heron: did bors find a different set of coins?
Simon Jericho: we can come back for him on our return if nothing else.
[w] → Bors: when you went for the coins, you notice that they are no longer there
Heron: I am satisfied with that Simon.
[w] Bors: ok, the mask?
[w] → Bors: its still there
Bouger: Agreed, he’s been here long enough, another day or two won’t harm him any.
Tosoma Thanatous: I am as well
Simon Jericho again takes up the pony’s lead.
[w] Bors: gonna pick that up, is it remarkable or just a mask?
Tosoma Thanatous walks along the right side of the wagon
Bouger says a few words over the body and sprinkles some sand on it as he does so.
Simon Jericho gestures onward.
[w] → Bors: its looks specific…unlike any that you’ve seen
Bouger hurries after the others when he has finished.
Simon Jericho: Do not mettle in the affairs of Nethys for you are chewy and taste good with ketchup.
[w] Tosoma Thanatous: hi gm
Bouger: So, he had a sword, a mask, and some coins….I’ll ask it. How many coins? And what sort of mask?
[w] → Tosoma Thanatous: hiya
Campaign saved.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: It was odd that it was not scavaged
Bors: The mask is different, I put in my backpack.
Tosoma Thanatous: I asked that earlier
GM: The afternoon continues forth uneventful. As you eat your rations for the noon meal you wonder about who that man was. A lonely death to die alone.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: I meant the body. This is a common watering hole.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: Uhm. Does anyone have any rations to share. I do not each much.
Heron: In the cart.
Tosoma Thanatous: I have some if you want any
Bouger: The body was too far gone to say how he died. It could have been anything.
Simon Jericho: In the cart.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: Ahh I missed that
Simon Jericho: you missed the cart? hrmmm.
Campaign saved.
Heron: I am still quite interested in this Serpent’s Gorge and how we will cross.
Bouger: Well, in his defense he’s short, like me. Us shorties can walk right underneath that cart.
Bors: I was gonna toss the Gnome and have him hold a rope.
Tosoma Thanatous: Isn’t Gnome tossing a new sport?
Simon Jericho: I like working with the likes of you. Makes me feel good to be looked up to.
GM: The trail leads ever deeper into the Fangwood, through a twisting maze of trees and confusing ravines. As it tops a small rise, a broad valley spreads out before it, the opposite side of which looks like a writhing serpent. Yet between the two lies a steep hill sloping down into the valley. A cold rain starts to fall, making the ground slick and treacherous.
Bouger: Gnome Catapulting is the rage in some of the larger cities I hear.
Tosoma Thanatous: I love the rain
Bors: Pesky rain.
Tosoma Thanatous: It cleanses the body
Simon Jericho: Try to keep your pants on.
Bouger looks at the valley, “This looks fun.”
Tosoma Thanatous: Is it common to take off your pants in the rain?
Heron: The hell it does.
Simon Jericho: Pony cant come whichever way we go from here.
[w] → Heron: there is absolutely no way the cart and horse will make that
Gwydiss Barknuckle: It depends on your company.
[w] Tosoma Thanatous: I’m going to pay extra attention navigating this upcoming terrain
Bors: But I like the pony!
Gwydiss Barknuckle looks for trees that might fit across
[w] Heron: I will take the pony off the hitch and hobble to nearby tree.
Heron unhitches pony and leads over to tree to hobble.
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): are my acrobatics going to help?
Heron grabs a rope, torch, and 2 days worth of rations and extra water skin and equips.
Campaign saved.
[w] Heron: If the rain continues…is it possible it will fill up? Flash flood like?
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): let me know when I have to roll acrobatics
Gwydiss Barknuckle starts carefully down
Simon Jericho loads of on a weeks worth of food and water.
Bouger: starts grabbing what gear he can from the wagon.
Bouger starts grabbing what gear he can from the wagon.
Heron looks out carefully over the gorge.
Tosoma Thanatous moves down the gorge
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): I still have my backpack I started with
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): np
Simon Jericho moves to slice the pony’s throat
Simon Jericho: Kidding, just kidding geez.
Heron looks sharply at Simon.
Bouger grabs a 3 days food, 2 water skins, extra rope, and 3 torches.
Tosoma Thanatous blocks with his own throat
[w] Heron: did you get my tell?
[w] → Heron: no
[w] Heron: If the rain continues…is it possible it will fill up? Flash flood like?
[w] → Heron: you do not feel it will anyway
Bors: fills up his pack with as many waterskins and rations as he can cram into it
Bors fills up his pack with as many waterskins and rations as he can cram into it
Simon Jericho carefully starts down the slope.
[w] Heron: so, there are no signs that water fills this gorge regularly, or at all?
[w] → Heron: not that you can tell and Jory also shakes his head knowing what you are thinking
Tosoma Thanatous jumps to his death
Campaign saved.
Heron: I will stay here while some climb down.
Gwydiss Barknuckle looks back to see what is taking everyone so long
Heron: To keep watch and provide support as able.
Tosoma Thanatous: dont worry little one, I can catch up
Bors starts to meander his way down.
Bill (Bors): im going to go down slowly and carefully
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): Im going ot head down quickly
Jon (Bouger): I’m taking extra care as I don’t have acrobatics.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] [1d20+6 = 13]
Gwydiss Barknuckle: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] [1d20+6 = 12]
Tosoma Thanatous: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] [1d20+7 = 17]
Simon Jericho: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] (-2) [1d20+1 = 19]
Bors: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] (-2) [1d20-1 = 18]
Bouger: [ABILITY] Dexterity check [1d20+1 = 20]
Gwydiss Barknuckle: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] [1d20+6 = 17]
Tosoma Thanatous: [1d20 = 20]
Simon Jericho: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] (-2) [1d20+1 = 7]
Bors: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] (-2) [1d20-1 = 19]
Bouger: -5 [1d20-5 = 15]
Bouger skips down the hill in an un-dwarfly like fashion.
Simon Jericho: [1d20 = 9]
Simon Jericho: 1 [1d81 = 2]
Campaign saved.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] [1d20+6 = 12]
Tosoma Thanatous: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] (2) [1d209 = 27]
Bors: [SKILL] Acrobatics [MOD:DEX] (1) [1d202 = 4]
Bouger: -3 [1d20-3 = 15]
Bors: [1d20 = 3]
Bors: -1 [1d10-1 = 3]
Bors: [1d4 = 3]
Bors: Hah, that was not fun.
Bouger gets to the bottom and looks at Simon and Bors, “What, were you in a hurry?”
Bors: Well
Bors: Sort of fun.
Simon Jericho braces his longspear as if setting a charge for when heron comes down.
[w] Heron: I will take some lengths of rope, and begin splicing them together. My intent is to tie the long rope securely to heavy cart and climb down as far as I can before dealing with the slope.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: You should keep your limbs tight against your body in a fall like that.
Tosoma Thanatous looks at Simon ouch that’ll hurt
Bors leans off to the side, taking some weight off of his foot for a minute.
Simon Jericho: Gah. kidding. You guys have no humor.
[w] → Heron: ok, I will give you a 4 bonues to navigate using the rope and being extra careful
[w] → Heron: make 3 rolls
Bouger looks back up, “Heron…c’mon down. If you fall, it doesn’t hurt…much.”
Simon Jericho moves to stand beside Bors.
[w] Heron: good, I will begin my way down.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: I was going to bet on the elf
Simon Jericho: Lean on me if you need.
Tosoma Thanatous yells up to Heron, " look for his teeth on your way down"
Heron: [ABILITY] Dexterity check (
4) [1d20+7 = 8]
Campaign saved.
[w] Heron: feather fall down
Bouger yells up, “That’s cheatin’!”
Heron: Well I am disappointed at my climbing skill.
Heron: However, I spliced a couple lengths of rope, tied to cart.
Heron: May make our climb up easier.
Bouger checks out Bors foot and tries to give it some more support.
Bouger: [SKILL] Heal [MOD:WIS] [1d20+8 = 22]
Campaign saved.
[w] Heron: begin moving towards the entrance of the crypt.
Bors: That feels a bit better, thanks much.
GM: An archway of stone is set into the side of a small hill at the bottom of the valley. Moss has overgrown many of the details, but one is still quite clear. The keystone of the arch is carved with a flame symbol with a stylized rune in the middle. Beyond the archway is a darkened tunnel that leads to a pair of massive wooden doors, one of which is slightly ajar.
Bors: I should be able to walk on it
GM: A pair of horses and a trio of ponies lie slaughtered next to the archway, each corpse still tied to a post set into the ground nearby. A swarm of flies hangs lazily in the air above them.
Bouger looks at the entrance, “So…enter…or rest a night?”
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): kinda gross

Tosoma Thanatous: I think considering the injury we could either
Gwydiss Barknuckle: How did the horses get here?
Tosoma Thanatous: I am more worried that they have been slaughtered
Heron: I am very uncomfortable with leaving our cart and pony untended.
Heron: I can’t say this sight eases my concern…
Tosoma Thanatous: likewise
Bouger: True…but the pony can fend for himself if necessary
Heron looks at the three ponies nearby.
Tosoma Thanatous: This place doesnt look any more safe than inside to sleep
Bors: Not much we can do about the pony now.
Bors: It’s not as if we can bring him in.
[w] → Heron: definately these horses were killed by weapons
Heron: I’d like to urge we move in. Quietly. These animals were slaughtered by weapons.
Campaign saved.
Tosoma Thanatous: I don’t think we can camp here, if nothing else the nearby animals could decide to scavenge
Bouger finally notices the wooden doors, one of which is slightly open, “I guess we’re not the only ones coming to light a lamp.”
Tosoma Thanatous: Don’t be so sure they come for the same reason
Heron: Any suggestive tracks to indicate what might have killed these beasts?
Tosoma Thanatous: I agree we should move in silently
Jory: There are tracks all around here…whatever killed them came outk, killed them then went back inswide
Bouger draws his warhammer and unslings his shield, “Well, if in we go, we should be ready.”
Heron: Jory, you seem to have the right skills for this. Would you be willing to scout out the situation for us?
[w] Heron: I’ll finger my coin purse as I say this to Jory.
Tosoma Thanatous: I agree we need a scout
Jory: I will…search for traps, certainly
Bouger: While he does that, marching order?
Heron: We will await your initial findings.
Bill (Bors): brb quick, consider me walking along
Tosoma Thanatous: I can be second
Tosoma Thanatous: I have no fear of battle
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Jory: [GM] [1d20 = 20]
Jory: There is definately no traps on these doors
Tosoma Thanatous: good
[w] Heron: I am hoping Jory will feel compelled to scout ahead based on my innuendo of spilling the beans on his theft of the coins.
Tosoma Thanatous: now we should move in slowly and after you
Campaign saved.
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): and after jon gets back
Jory: Well I need help with the doors
Gwydiss Barknuckle: One is open
Jory: It is dark inside, more light would be nice
Heron tosses Jory a torch.
Simon Jericho: I will go behind Tosoma and support with my longspear.
Jory takes a moment, bends down and lights the torch with his flint and steel
Jory unsheaths his weapon and prepares
User ‘Jon’ is back.
Tosoma Thanatous: these moments are what defines a warrior
Tosoma Thanatous whispers
Heron (mutters): Or a thief…
Simon Jericho: Brilliant last words. We’ll put them on your memorium. Right next to, ‘He died stating the obvious.
Tosoma Thanatous grins in agreence
Gwydiss Barknuckle strings his bow and knocks an arrow
Bill (Bors): back
Tosoma Thanatous last words of a dead jester Simon
Bors readies his shield and the new short sword.
Jory: Guys come here, bodies
Tosoma Thanatous: looks at bodies
Jory: As the heavy doors swing open, the faint light from outside reveals a long chamber with risen platforms on either side. A faded painting of Kassen is on the far wall. The room appears to be the site of a gruesome battle, with two bodies piled in the center and a number of skeletons scattered around. An echoing wail can be heard somewhere in the distance, beyond this foul chamber.
GM: As the heavy doors swing open, the faint light from outside reveals a long chamber with risen platforms on either side. A faded painting of Kassen is on the far wall. The room appears to be the site of a gruesome battle, with two bodies piled in the center and a number of skeletons scattered around. An echoing wail can be heard somewhere in the distance, beyond this foul chamber.
Tosoma Thanatous looks at bodies
Campaign saved.
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Campaign saved.
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Gwydiss Barknuckle:
[TURN] Bouger
Campaign saved.
[w] Heron: detect magic, in particular the skeletons for some magical bind that could indicate animation
[TURN] Jory
[TURN] Heron
[TURN] Bors
[TURN] Simon Jericho
[TURN] Gwydiss Barknuckle
[TURN] Tosoma Thanatous
[TURN] Bouger
Bors: -2 [1d20-2 = 3]
Tosoma Thanatous: -2 [1d20-2 = 2]
Simon Jericho: 20
Simon Jericho: [ABILITY] Intelligence check (-2) [1d20+3 = 20]
Bouger: -1 [1d20-1 = 7]
Heron: [SKILL] Knowledge (History) [MOD:INT] (-3) [1d20+6 = 18]
Gwydiss Barknuckle: [SKILL] Knowlege [MOD:INT] [1d20+2 = 22]
Simon Jericho: Mayor is going to be pissed.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: You would think we would have been told of others
Bouger spies the bodies and raises an eyebrow, “Why are these fellows here?”
Heron: This won’t be a test. Whatever test was waiting for us on behalf of the Mayor lies dead in this room.
[w] Heron: detect magic, in particular the skeletons for some magical bind that could indicate animation
Tosoma Thanatous: That is terrible news
Campaign saved.
Bors: That makes sense Heron, why would the Mayor send us a test of dead bodies?
Simon Jericho: Trial by fire eh Heron?
[w] → Heron: as you scan the room you see movement from the corners
Heron: in a very odd monotone voice, “someone look for brand marks on the horses.”
Gwydiss Barknuckle: and don’t forget the wailing
Heron: We are not ALONE! BEWARE!
[w] Tosoma Thanatous: as a person who uses his bare knuckles to hit, I already get 2 attacks in a round. How does flurry of blows help me?
Tosoma Thanatous: [INIT] [1d20+5 = 19]
Bouger: [INIT] [1d20+3 = 14]
Simon Jericho: [INIT] [1d20+5 = 8]
Gwydiss Barknuckle: [INIT] [1d20+6 = 16]
Bors: [INIT] [1d20+5 = 11]
Whisper recipient not found
Usage: /w GM [message]
Usage: /w [recipient] [message]
Heron: [INIT] [1d20+3 = 6]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 17]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 19]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 9]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 18]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 4]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 2]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 14]
Tosoma Thanatous: [INIT] [1d20+5 = 17]
Andugus (Heron): Jason and the Argonauts!
Bouger harumps, “Foul undead!”
tim (Simon Jericho): mucinex in, mucous out
Andugus (Heron): The teeth of the Hydra are upon us.
Campaign saved.
Bill (Bors): I call dibs on the fleece then!
Andugus (Heron): you can have it, I get the eye of the world
Bill (Bors): You can have it, I was never much for saidin…
tim (Simon Jericho): …bors?
tim (Simon Jericho): not much for saidin?
Tosoma Thanatous clenches his fists
[TURN] Bouger
Bouger steps forward to the nearest body and grabs an arrow from the corpses quiver. He quickly chants over arrow which bursts into light.
Bouger: [CAST] Light 0
[TURN] Jory
Campaign saved.
[GM] [TURN] Skeleton 1
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Broken Scimitar 0 (1d6), claw [1d20-3 = 16]
[GM] [TURN] Skeleton 2
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Broken Scimitar +0 (1d6), claw [1d20-3 = 1]
[GM] [TURN] Skeleton 3
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Broken Scimitar +0 (1d6), claw [1d20-3 = 1]
[TURN] Tosoma Thanatous
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): flurry of blows
Tosoma Thanatous: [ATTACK (M)] Fists of meat [MOD:DEX] [1d20
3 = 22]
Tosoma Thanatous: [ATTACK (M)] Fists of meat [MOD:DEX] [1d20+3 = 7]
Tosoma Thanatous: [DAMAGE (M)] Fists of meat [TYPE: bludgeoning] [1d6+1 = 3]
[TURN] Gwydiss Barknuckle
Campaign saved.
Gwydiss Barknuckle Changes weapons from bow to whip and steps closer.
Gwydess (Gwydiss Barknuckle): end
[GM] [TURN] Skeleton 7
GM: [GM] Original attack = 20+-3=17
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Broken Scimitar 0 (1d6), claw [1d20 = 20]
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Broken Scimitar +0 (1d6), claw [CONFIRM] [1d20-3 = 8]
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Broken Scimitar +0 (1d6), claw [1d20-3 = 2]
GM: [GM] [1d6 = 5]
Campaign saved.
[TURN] Bors
Bors unleashes his full attack on the foes in front of him.
Bors: [ATTACK (M)] Shortsword (MW, Full Attack) [CRIT 19] [1d20
5 = 24]
Bors: [ATTACK (M)] Shortsword (MW, Full Attack) [CRIT 19] [CONFIRM] [1d20+5 = 11]
Bors: [DAMAGE (M)] Shortsword (MW, Full Attack) [1d6+5 = 10]
Bors: [ATTACK (M)] Spiked Shield [1d20+4 = 21]
Bors: [DAMAGE (M)] Spiked Shield [TYPE: piercing] [1d4+5 = 9]
Bors downs the first skeleton with his new short sword, and bashes the other skeleton into oblivion.
[GM] [TURN] Skeleton 4
Bill (Bors): end
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Broken Scimitar 0 (1d6), claw [1d20-3 = 16]
[TURN] Simon Jericho
Simon Jericho enchants his Bastard sword (
1 attack and damage) as a free action
Simon Jericho then casts shield on himself.
Simon Jericho then move up.
tim (Simon Jericho): done
[w] Bors: do you have a screen that keeps track of everyones ac/hps or anything nifty like that?
[w] → Bors: yes but how much damage did you take?
Campaign saved.
[w] Bors: 5, which put me to 8 taken out of 13
[TURN] Heron
Heron: Moves forward about ten feet, inscribes an odd three arcs in the air, and touches Tosoma.
Heron: Moves forward about ten feet, inscribes an odd three arcs in the air, and touches Tosoma.
[w] → Bors: i have that listed
[w] Bors: it’s pretty easy to keep track of on the screen here, actually
[GM] [TURN] Skeleton 5
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Broken Scimitar 0 (1d6), claw [1d20-3 = 2]
[GM] [TURN] Skeleton 6
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): my new ac is 21
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Broken Scimitar +0 (1d6), claw [1d20 = 1]
[TURN] Bouger
Simon Jericho drops his spear and draws his bastard sword in the same motion as his swing coming down into a mighty 2 handed blow.
Campaign saved.
Bouger: [1d6 = 5]
Bouger: [1d6 = 2]
Bouger: [1d6 = 1]
Bouger: [1d6 = 4]
Bouger: [1d6 = 2]
Bouger brings his arms close, mutters a quick prayer, then thrusts them forward. A burst of yellow light comes forth in a wave, striking the undead.
[TURN] Jory
[GM] [TURN] Skeleton 2
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Broken Scimitar +0 (1d6), claw [1d20-3 = 7]
[TURN] Tosoma Thanatous
Tosoma Thanatous , angry about his first weak blow, throws a vicious combo to follow it onto another skeleton.
Tosoma Thanatous: [ATTACK (M)] Fists of meat [MOD:DEX] [1d20
3 = 12]
Tosoma Thanatous: [ATTACK (M)] Fists of meat [MOD:DEX] [1d20+3 = 12]
Tosoma Thanatous crys to himself
[TURN] Gwydiss Barknuckle
Gwydiss Barknuckle snakes his whip out around the feet of one of the skeletons trying to knock it off its feet.
Campaign saved.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: [ATTACK (M)] Whip [1d20+2 = 17]
Attack 17 → [at Skeleton 5] [HIT]
[w] Heron: whips have very special rules
Gwydess (Gwydiss Barknuckle): end
[w] → Heron: ill look it up
[TURN] Bors
Bors lays into the skeleton in front of him with both his attacks.
Bors: [ATTACK (M)] Shortsword (MW, Full Attack) [CRIT 19] [1d20+5 = 12]
Bors: [DAMAGE (M)] Shortsword (MW, Full Attack) [1d6+5 = 11]
Bors turns towards the other skeleton and waits.
[TURN] Simon Jericho
Simon Jericho drops his spear and draws his bastard sword in the same motion as his swing coming down into a mighty 2 handed blow.
Campaign saved.
Simon Jericho: [ATTACK (M)] Sword, bastard [CRIT 19] [1d20+4 = 17]
Simon Jericho: [DAMAGE (M)] Sword, bastard [MULT:1.5] [TYPE: slashing] [1d10+4 = 5]
Damage 5 → [to Skeleton 2] [DEAD]
Bors: Whew.
Tosoma Thanatous: was dissapointing
Bors: That one skeleton rung me a good hit.
Simon Jericho moves forward to a front position to watch for more foes.
Tosoma Thanatous follows Simon
Bouger: How badly hurt are you, Bors?
Gwydiss Barknuckle: You did well friend in the face of danger. Some would have cowered in fear
Bors: I feel more than half dead, thinking about it.
Bill (Bors): 8 damage out of 13
[w] Heron: examine the men who died here, their gear, etc. See if I can figure out what they might have attempted as part of a mentoring ritual with us.
Tosoma (Tosoma Thanatous): he’s not quite dead yet.
Bors: I’m going to pull rear guard duty for now guys.
Bouger: [CAST] Cure Light Wounds 0
[w] → Heron: there are 2 backpacks…one pack has a large pillow, 2 quivers each with blunted arrows…the other has 2 days of rations, a full waterskin and a pair of smokesticks
Bouger: [HEAL] Cure Light Wounds [1d8 = 7]
Campaign saved.
Bors: Thanks much Bouger, much better now!
Simon Jericho: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20-1 = 13]
Simon Jericho: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20-1 = 1]
Bouger mutters a prayer while holding his his holy symbol.
Bors: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+3 = 15]
Bouger: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 16]
Gwydiss Barknuckle: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+2 = 10]
Tosoma Thanatous: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 22]
[w] Heron: I will remove the smokesticks and lay them out with the pillow, rations and water.
Heron: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 10]
[w] Heron: I also have low-light vision for what its worth.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: I am not sure of the wisdom of spreading out in combat like that. I am not a warrior but I have read many accounts of battles
Heron: It would appear as if these men were loaded down with blunted arrows, a pillow, smoke sticks.
Tosoma Thanatous: Well Jory?
Bouger picks up the arrow he cast light on, “Torch anyone?”
Tosoma Thanatous: I need both of my hands
Heron: It is as I feared, their plans to harass us and put us into a stressful situation failed.
Jory: Welll what?
Heron: At least their original intent…
Jory: I didnt sign on for this
Tosoma Thanatous: Did you want to check th edoor a head for traps?
Tosoma Thanatous: ah
Bors: You signed on for something? I was just shoved out the door.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: It is a grand adventure sir Rory
Heron: You can make things right with everyone here Jory. You know what you should do.
Jory sighs
Tosoma Thanatous: If you are afraid then stay back
Jory: Well Undead is one thing…what the hell is making that wailing noise! and Go check the door Jory
Jory: I see how it is
Bors nods sagely at Jory.
Heron: Do you?
Jory: Yes I do
Simon Jericho: I will go with you.
Tosoma Thanatous we are behind you
Gwydiss Barknuckle: We all have our part to play.
Campaign saved.
Simon Jericho picks up his spear again holding one weapon in each hand.
Bouger: I, for example, am doomed to spend life acting as a giant bandage.
Tosoma Thanatous: back up if theres trouble
Jory: Which way guys?
Tosoma Thanatous: right is always the right way to go
Bors: Up.
Gwydiss Barknuckle: Towards the flame

Adventure Log 2

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